I’m a woman with a stable career, my own place, and a big secret: I’m a slut. The kind of slut that isn’t satisfied with one night stands and pillow talk. My desires run so much deeper, and can never be satisfied by trolling bars or personal ads. This website is just the beginning, and it doesn’t fulfill the need I have for you. I need your attention, your strength, and your energy.

No one around me knows what I’m really like, what I dream of every day. I’ve always felt this way, as far back as I can remember. Like there’s a flame of passion burning inside me, waiting for the right man (or men) to tame my wild flames of desire. I manage to control my urges, but it’s so hard. I need to be unleashed. Right now this website is my only freedom. The only place I can connect to you.

I’m a slut, and I need you to know that. Every single picture I post is for you. I’m thinking of you when they’re taken, and when I share them here. That’s the beautiful thing about the Internet. I can share my whole self. A Slut In Secret is more than another adult site. It’s who I am. A Slut with needs so deep they can’t be met anywhere else but online. A slut who craves every long, lasting second of the time we spend together.